Price 1-2 cartons   3-5 cartons
27.66 per carton   24.90 per carton
13.83 per thousand   12.45 per thousand
Standard Seals 

12mm x 25mm standard seals can be used in all of our combination tools as well as separates. Best suited for light to medium duty applications. Packed in cartons of 2000 seals.

Price 1-2 cartons
40.00 per carton
20.00 per thousand
Heavy Duty Seals 

12mm x 32mm heavy duty seals are of the same design as above but are of a heavier gauge steel and are 32mm long. They can be used in our separate sealers as well as the heavy duty combination tool, they are a little too long to be used easily in the economy combination tools. If you are unsure as to their suitability, please enquire and we will be happy to send a sample for you to test. Best suited for medium to heavy duty applications. Packed in cartons of 2000 seals.

Price 1-2 cartons   3-5 cartons
30.40 per carton   27.36 per carton
Compression Seals 

12mm x 30mm heavy duty serrated seals are intended for use in the compression combination tools (not featured on this website but available to order) These tools rely on an anvil mechanism that squashes the seal flat as opposed to crimping it, the serrations on the inside of the seal prevent slippage of the strap within the seal once 'squashed'. These seals are NOT suitable for use with standard sealers or combination tools that rely on a crimping action, they will crimp but leave a dangerous fold of metal. Packed in cartons of 1000

Price 1-2 cartons   3-5 cartons
26.73per carton   24.06 per carton

Plastic Buckles

These effective and simple to use buckles are an ideal solution for securing lightweight strap without the need for extra tools. Simply feed a loop of strap through the eye, fold one of the legs through the loop, then feed the strap around the item to be strapped and repeat the process. Pull both the loose ends to tighten around the load. Can be easily undone without the need to cut the strap making both the strap and the buckle re-usable. Only recommended for use with lightweight strap and on lighter loads. Packed in cartons of 1000


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