The food industry has always battled against two difficulties which have the potential to spoil finely produced products before they reach the end user.

1) Temperature control outside the chiller cabinet and

2) Excess fluids causing poor appearance or actual product deterioration

Sorba-freeze is a brilliant product which addresses both of these problems. For hundreds of years low temperature control has been achieved by ice, but ice has drawbacks

a) ice melts, and when it does the resultant water becomes much harder to manage, causing mess and corrosion.

b) when ice melts, at 0C, its temperature control is lost and the temperature climbs quickly.

c) ice needs to be contained - in a box, in a bag - or it gravitates downwards and outwards spreading the mess and uncovering the product.

d) Sorba-freeze have even incorporated a special carbon impregnated powder which helps to eliminate bacteria in fluids secreted in the transport of live shellfish.

Sorba-freeze as a refrigerant overcomes all of these.

Sorba-freeze is immersed for 10-15 minutes in fresh water which it absorbs and retains and is frozen.

It is then placed over or around your product which, ideally, should be close to 0C. When packed in an insulated container the temperature will then remain at below 5C for in excess of 30 hours even when sent by post!

And there is no flood. Sorba-freeze retains its water - it does not squeeze out.

Perhaps best of all, compared to ice or traditional gel packs Sorba-freeze protects your products better because it can be wrapped right round - even placed inside - and it stays there until it is unwrapped at the other end. It takes up less space and works better...

Sorba-freeze brings a new dimension to the transport of fresh products.

Safe to Use in Direct Contact with Food

Sorba-Freeze pads are approved as suitable for direct food contact and comply with EEC 90/128 and FDA 29 CFR 1910.1200

Scientifically Proven

Independent scientific evidence shows that Sorba-Freeze Refrigerant Pads will maintain a temperature of -5C for over 30 hours even when transported by post.
Health and safety guidelines state that products should not exceed 5C before its arrival. 8C is considered dangerous and would compromise health safety regulations

Low Cost Temperature Control

Transportation costs are always rising, Sorba-Freeze pads are lightweight and can help reduce your freight costs. Each cell when hydrated and frozen weighs just 40g making it easy to calculate the overall weight and keep within specified postage bands.

The perforated rolls allow you to tear off the EXACT number of cells you require.

Many customers only need 1 sheet per box.

That First Impression Matters the Most

The visual impact of beautifully presented products cannot be under estimated. Whether you are sending just a few products in a cardboard box to a potential re-seller, or directly to the end user, Sorba-Freeze will improve the appearance of your delivery.

The first impression customers get when opening their order often determines whether they will make a repeat purchase. By using Sorba-Freeze, your products will always arrive looking just as good as they did when they left your premises.

Sorba-Freeze also has applications in many fields. Clients come from; sports, delicatessen suppliers, farm shops, brewery supplies, organic farms and veterinary wholesalers.

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