Document wallets are used for attaching advice notes and or invoices to goods ready for despatch. With a self adhesive back and clear front this product is available printed or plain. We can of course have them printed with your own design, logo etc, in anything up to 3 colours however there is a minimum of 25,000 per design.

Available in a wide range of document sizes the actual internal document area is represented below by the dimensions between the blue arrows.


REF: INTERNAL SIZE (appx.)** 'A' TYPE BOX QTY. 1- 2 Boxes 3-5 Boxes 6-9 Boxes 10+ Boxes
BS100 110mm x 98mm A7 PLAIN 1000 17.39 15.65 14.78 13.91
BS103 110mm x 98mm A7 PRINTED 1000 17.39 15.65 14.78 13.91
BS600 158mm x 115mm A6 PLAIN 1000 22.93 20.64 19.49 18.35
BS603 158mm x 115mm A6 PRINTED 1000 22.93 20.64 19.49 18.35
BS500 223mm x 158mm A5 PLAIN 1000 37.80 34.02 32.14 30.24
BS503 223mm x 158mm A5 PRINTED 1000 37.80 34.02 32.14 30.24
BSA4 318mm x 218mm A4 PLAIN 500 39.38 35.44 33.42 31.50
BSA4P 318mm x 218mm A4 PRINTED 500 35.70 32.13 30.35 28.56
BSDL 230MM X 115MM DL PLAIN 1000 35.07 31.56 29.81 28.06
BSDLP 230MM X 115MM DL PRINTED 1000 36.54 32.89 31.06 29.23
** All dimensions are approximate and can vary from batch to batch. The important thing is that A7 is for A7 documents, A5 for A5 etc, etc. If the actual size is critical, please request a sample prior to purchasing

All prices are per BOX 

All prices are excluding VAT 


Also supplied 'pouch tape', 150mm & 200mm wide clear adhesive tape printed in red, the adhesive has been 'killed' in the centre of the tape in order for documentation to placed in this area, prior to being stuck to the consignment.



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